What are your resolutions for 2019?

Hopefully in 2018 you met all of your resolutions. Unfortunatly, with a number of people and businesses, questions, doubts and uncertainties have developed.  What are your resolutions for 2019?  We all set new resolutions with the advent of a new year.  Business and personal, Southwest Group may be able to assist with those resolutions.

For businesses, sales were up, but the profits are down. Costs of business remained stable, but the financials did not meet predictions. What is the cause? Is there an expense that is creating an unknown loss? Is there theft, embezzlement or other shrinkage issues that are not known?

In your personal life, do you have suspicions on someone you are in a relationship with? Are you seeing someone new, but you are haveing doubts with what they are telling you. Are you in litigation with someone and need to identify assets and other information.

Southwest Group is ready to assist you in finding answers. Business or personal, if we cannot directly assist you, our network of professionals are available to assist. Call the Southwest Group to discuss your situation. Toll free 888.537.2079