Surveillance Investigations

Surveillance to document incidents and activity.

Surveillance to document incidents and activity.

Surveillance investigations are conducted to meet a variety of client needs.  The surveillance investigation can be conducted in an effort to document the activities of a particular person.  A surveillance investigation will also document the activities at a specific location.  The Southwest Group will assist with covert surveillance to document activities within a business (internal theft or other illicit activity) or within a residence (nanny cams).

Surveillance investigations are effective in dealing with insurance, worker’s compensation and personal injury claims.  Businesses and attorneys can use surveillance video, photographs and physical observations to negate a claim or establish fraud. The Southwest Group utilizes digital video and photographs to document all visible activity by a claimant or subject.

Southwest group utilizes video surveillance.  We use a variety of surveillance devices form covert (hidden cameras) to open surveillance.  All video is safely and securely collected and maintained.  We use equipment that is capable of real time monitoring or stored activity.

The Southwest Group also has the ability to utilize the latest in technology for long term electronic surveillance.  This would include the use of GPS to track vehicles and assets.  The information could be vital for fleet management by providing information for up-time, down time, stops, speed and other fleet management issues.  GPS can be utilized for tracking sensitive asset movement.

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