Computer Forensics

Southwest Group computer forensic services.

Thieves work to steal your personal and business data from computers and cell phones.

Computer forensics are necessary when you think your computer or cell phone (yes, cell phones are computers) has been “hacked”.  In the not too distant past, people use to “dumpster dive”, burglarize, pay off informants or steal your wallet or purse to obtain your personal and or business information.  Today, we contain and store most of our personal and business data and information on computers and cell phones.  That information is subject to discovery through spyware, logger keys, remote monitoring and more.

Do you need to recover data from a computer or cellphone that has been damaged? Do you have reason to believe your device is under surveillance? Do you have reason to believe proprietary business information is being leaked or distributed without authorization? Do you have personal information or personal media appearing in unauthorized postings, social sites or bulletin boards?

The technical assistance provided by the experts from the Southwest Group can assist you as an individule with a single computer or cellphone.  The Southwest Group will also assist you and your business with network security issues.  If your business has servers, remote access or other network access, the Southwest Group will help you to enhance your security protocols.

Let the professionals at Southwest Group conduct a forensic investigation of the device.  We will look for key loggers, surveillance, and other threats to your devices.  The professional and certified technicians will work to clear your device and provide documentation.  Call the Southwest Group today at 888-537-2079 to discuss your needs.