Surveillance Investigations and Domestic Relations

infidelity 5The most common request for service received by the Southwest Group received is for surveillance investigations and domestic relations investigations of a partner.  The Southwest Group will conduct these investigations.  We do however; want the requester to be prepared for costs and results both financially and emotionally.

During the intake of a surveillance investigation for relationship issues, we ask a lot of personal questions.  Some of these questions are why do you want an investigation?  Why do you suspect your partner of infidelity?  What information do you have on the subject’s activity?  What are you going to do with the information obtained from the surveillance investigation?  Are you prepared to pay the costs involved with the investigation?  The key question we ask is why do you want the information?

Typically, the client has strong reasons for being suspect of the partner.  There has been a noticeable change in behavior.  There has been a noticeable change with intimacy. The partner has a second cellphone. The hours of accessibility to the partner has changed. There is a change in financial activity by the partner. The partner’s hours of work change. There has been an increase in business travel. These are all red flags of problems with a relationship.

The Southwest Group will always ask if the partner has been confronted with any of the red flags. We want to know the response and if there has been any change of behavior after the confrontation. If the change is for the better, we ask why the client wants to pursuit further with the surveillance.

The Southwest Group will also tell the client Arizona is a “no fault” divorce state. This means allegations of infidelity, or other disruptive behavior does not need to be proven to obtain a divorce. We will ask the client if they are prepared to spend a few thousand dollars on a surveillance investigation and then spend ten thousand dollars on a divorce proceeding.

Surveillance investigations are the most challenging type of investigation to conduct. The investigator will need to establish a suitable location to establish the surveillance. Consideration will be given to the neighborhood and the activity in the neighborhood. What will be the avenues of access and egress from the point of vantage? What will be the avenues of access and egress by the subject? The investigator will need to conduct the surveillance from a point that allows clear visual access to the location and the ability to document the activity.

Once the preliminary work is done, then the surveillance can be conducted. This will involve the investigator to be in position prior to any known activity. Typically, the investigators want to be in place as much as an hour ahead of the know activity. The investigator will then begin the observation of location and document any or lack of any activity. Usually, if there is no activity within a reasonable amount of time, the surveillance is suspended and the client notified. If activity is observed, the investigator will attempt to document the activity via digital video or photographs. The investigator will also document the physical observations.

The Southwest Group can also utilize electronic surveillance to document the activity of a subject. This surveillance is considerably less expensive and allows for a 24/7 surveillance. The electronic surveillance will document the movements of the subject. A review of this activity may identify patterns of activity that can then be verified with physical surveillance. A typical electronic surveillance conducted by the Southwest Group is over a period of ten to fourteen days.

In general, a physical surveillance is expensive. Would you want to spend that money on yourself and just terminate the relationship? Do you want to spend the money and have final closure? To either resolution, the Southwest Group is ready to assist you.

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Southwest Group will help you increase your profits.

Looking to enhance your profits in 2019.

2018 is behind us now. We are all looking forward to a better, more profitable year in 2019. Most small to medium business are looking forward to 2019. But, will it really be more profitable? Will sales increase and profits remain flat or even decline? As the business owner or chief executive you should make a review of your business organization and ensure everything is in place to enhance profitability.

The United States Chamber of Commerce statistics reveal 75% of all employees steal from their employer at least once. Over 50% of those employees steal multiple times from their employer. USCC statistics further reveal 33% of all small and medium business failures are directly related to employee malfeasance.

Here are some of the myths of small and medium businesses:
Myth 1: We are careful in the selection of our employees!
Naturally you are, but the majority of employees who steal are ‘first time offenders.’

Myth 2: We have our own security department!
Last year, a western regional bank suffered a number of “ski-mask” robberies. When the robber was finally caught, he turned out to be the bank’s Director of Security!

Myth 3: Our computer systems have the latest in anti-hacking systems.
That’s fine, but more than 65 percent of IT crime is traceable to insiders. Companies such as Target, VISA, Chick-fil-let, and many others had “high security measures” in place, but suffered enormous losses and damages from hackers.

Myth 4: Our cameras and undercover agents catch most shoplifters.
According to the National Retail Security Survey, 48 percent of merchandise losses are attributable to employees. Over 80 percent of retail organization’s shrinkage is directly attributed to employees, directly or indirectly.

Myth 5: Our procedures are foolproof.
Famous last words. Many of the largest frauds occur in companies who say precisely this. However effective the internal control and accounting system, it is not unbeatable.

Myth 6: We would not want to offend staff who have been with us for many years.
Thoughtful and considerate, but good employees rarely object.

Myth 7: We won’t be badly hurt by isolated incidents.
Perhaps not. But most large losses are caused by long-term, ongoing schemes that are cleverly hidden for years.

Myth 8: We have never suffered a theft by an employee.
That may be true, but the fact that you may never have had a fire or a vehicle involved in an accident, does not prevent you taking out property insurance. The first loss really hurts!

Myth 8a: We have never suffered a theft by an employee.
Maybe you have, but you don’t know it yet. U.S. businesses lose as much as $110M dollars a day due to employee-related crimes. However, most employee theft goes undetected.

Truth be told, the common philosophy of the small business owner is employee theft is part of the cost of doing business. Even when confronted with employee theft issues, the majority of small business owners will only terminate the associate involved. They will not prosecute or seek civil recovery of their losses. In today’s business climate they are doing themselves and other businesses a disservice.

The Southwest Group offers all business, resources to enhance their profits and protect their assets. The services available range from background investigations and pre-employment screening services of associates to internal and external theft investigations. We can conduct loss prevention and security audits of your organization. We will work to evaluate your programs. We will offer recommendations to eliminate or minimize identified risks and exposures. We will assist you with the development of a loss prevention / security program.

The Southwest Group can become part of your team, on call and always ready to assist with any situation. Contact the Southwest Group today to discuss your needs. Call us at 888-537-2079.

The Southwest Group looks forward to being of service to you!