Business Services

Southwest Group business services enhance your profits.

Business services from the Southwest Group will help protect your business investment.

The business services Southwest Group provides can benefit not only “Big Business” , but are extremely beneficial to the medium and small businesses.  While the larger business and corporations may have an internal security or loss prevention department, most medium and small businesses do not.  Would you like to have your own loss prevention or security department to assist your business?  You should call the Southwest Group to discuss your needs.

Statistics reveal employees are responsible for over 80% of a businesses shrinkage or lost profits.  The losses can be direct or indirect through errors and or deficiencies in policy and procedures.  Direct losses can be attributed to internal theft, diversion of goods, under-ringing of goods at point of sale, external theft and more.  Indirect losses can come from improper inventory counts, improper data entry of purchase orders and receipts, or even improper credit handling.

You have taken your dream and developed it into business.  You have been successful.  Your business has grown to the point you are ready to hire additional staff and expand.  You are very good at managing and developing your business.  But, how secure is your business?  Are you hiring the right people?  Do you have the proper physical security systems and programs in place?  Do you conduct background investigations of employees? Are your sales up, but profits are flat or have declined?  The Southwest Group can assist you.  We can become part of your team to protect and enhance your business.   Call the Southwest Group today to discuss your needs at 888-537-2079.


Pre-Employment Application Screening

Employment Background Investigations

Loss Prevention / Security Audits


Loss Prevention / Security Training

Internal Theft

Technical Security Counter Measures (TSCM)

General Loss Prevention

Home Owners Association (HOA) Evaluations


General Investigations