Business Loss Prevention

In who's pocket are your profits going?

In who’s pocket are your profits going?

Business loss prevention services from the Southwest Group can assist the business client with a variety of investigative, security and loss prevention issues.  The Southwest Group can be part of your business team, providing necessary services as needed, when needed.

The most important aspect of any business is its employees.  The Southwest Group begins the service with employee screening and background investigations.  The Southwest Group will work with your organization and provide you with the information you need to hire the best candidate for a position.

Loss prevention involves more than screening of employees.  The process can continue with Southwest Group providing safety, security and loss prevention training to all employees.

Unfortunately, all business experience losses.  Losses can occur from procedural errors to direct theft.  The theft can be internal or external.  Losses can also occur from work environmental issues and safety.  Workplace injuries impact your business economically and employee wise.  There can also be Worker’s Comp fraud or injury exaggeration.  The Southwest Group can assist your business eliminating these challenges.

The Southwest Group can assist you with a complete loss prevention audit.  We will review your organization from wall to wall and floor to roof.  Southwest Group will recommend solutions to minimize or eliminate your exposures through industry best practices and other resources.

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