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Southwest Group attorney services help your sucess in the courtroom.

Southwest Group attorney services seek the truth and find the facts.

Attorney services provided by the Southwest Group increases the success you have in the courtroom and in negotiations.  Your success is based upon the verified information and confirmed facts of your situation.  The Southwest Group works with attorneys to find important information.  We work to identify and confirm facts needed to be successful with all types of litigation.  The Southwest Group will conduct research and manage investigations to allow you to concentrate on the preparation of your litigation or services.

Corporate Council and business entities use Southwest Group to conduct independent investigations of criminal activity within an organization.  The focus of investigation can be internal theft, embezzlement, harassment, intellectual properties, or other assorted attacts upon the organization.  The Southwest Group has specialist for IT security issues.

Criminal attorneys use the Southwest Group to conduct a forensic case review of a law enforcement criminal case.  The Southwest Group will review, and analyze the investigation conducted by law enforcement.  The analysis reviews witnesses and statements.  The Southwest Group certified auditors will examine and review the field procedures used in the investigation.  The auditor will review the evidence collection and analysis process.  The Southwest Group Forensic Auditor will also review the qualifications, training and experience of the case investigators.  The Southwest Group also can provide court certified subject matter expert consultant on law enforcement investigations and agency practices. Contact the Southwest Group for more information on this unique service.

Civil litigation attorneys utilize the Southwest Group for a variety of tasks.  We work to locate witnesses and obtain statements.  The Southwest Group will work to locate assets.  The Southwest Group investigator will also conduct surveillance investigations.  This is especially valuable for personal injury and worker’s compensation claims.  The Southwest Group will conduct background investigations of persons and organizations.  The Southwest Group can also conduct investigations through social media.

Are you in need of Service of Process for legal proceedings?  The Southwest Group has Certified Private Process Servers.  The Agents of Southwest Group are experienced, tactful, and persistent.  Hard to find and difficult to serve subjects are a specialty of the Southwest Group.  As a licensed private investigation firm, we can conduct legal skiptrace and searches for persons.  We will also conduct surveillances at an address in an effort to serve those who are attempting to evade service.

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