Witness Locates & Interviews

Do you have knowledge of person that could be important to your case, but you cannot locate them?  Have all possible witnesses or persons with information concerning your situation been identified?  Do you need to have documented interviews and statements from persons in support of your case?  The Southwest Group can assist you through a variety of means to locate and identify those witnesses.

The Southwest Group investigators are trained and experienced interviewers and interrogators.  The investigators have received training and certifications from John E Reid and Associates for Criminal Interrogation and Behavioral Analysis Interviews.  There has been subsequent updated training and certification through Wicklander – Zulawski and Associates for Basic and Advanced Interview and Interrogation Techniques.    The investigators have received continuous in service professional training and continuing education.

The Southwest Group will obtain written statements in support of the information obtained.  When written statements are not possible, the Southwest Group will obtain video documentation and or court certified stenographer services.  Let the professional at the Southwest Group assist you.

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