Loss Prevention Security Audit

Minimize your risks with a review from the Southwest Group

Minimize your risks with a review from the Southwest Group

The Southwest Group will conduct a loss prevention security audit of your organization in an effort to identify deficiencies and exposures to security, safety and other loss prevention issues.  This is all part of the security consulting services provided by the Southwest Group.

The process will thoroughly examine your organization and organization’s practices from floor to ceiling and wall to wall.  We will examine the  physical security of your facilities.  We will review your policies, procedures and controls.

Security and consulting services are provided by Southwest Group.

The results of the security audit or survey is reviewed with Executive Management.

Once the audit is completed, the professionals from the Southwest Group will provide a detailed review of the findings.  The auditors will utilize industry best practices and offer recommendations to correct deficiencies and minimize exposures.

The net result will be a safer and more profitable organization.

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