Independent Research and Information Development

Southwest Group provides independent research and information to assist attorneys and businesses

Independent research and information development is valuable to attorneys and businesses.

Independent research and information development services provided by the Southwest Group are valuable in supporting criminal or civil litigation.  Your case or project is only as good as the information and documentation you have.  Independent research and information development provides an unbiased source for your project.  If you are an attorney in solo practice or a small group of attorneys, you can count on the Southwest Group to conduct and provide you with factual, accurate information.  The Southwest Group investigators will work with you in whatever areas you need information on.

Businesses and business owners can use the services of the Southwest Group for product information, business intelligence, and market information. We can also assist with obtaining information on your business reputation. Do you need due diligence for a business expansion or acquisition? We can assist.

Let the Southwest Group become part of your team and help you with succeeding in the courtroom and business.  Call the Southwest Group today to discuss your needs at 888-537-2079.