Independent Criminal – Civil Investigations

The Southwest Group finds the pieces of the puzzle you need.

The Southwest Group finds the pieces of the puzzle you need.

The Southwest Group provides independent criminal investigations and civil investigations.  The independent criminal investigation can be a plaintiff or defense related.  The same applies to a civil investigation, either for the plaintiff or as a defense investigation.

The Southwest Group is highly experienced with insurance defense investigations. We work in response to personal injury, Worker’ Compensation, property loss and wrongful death.

We also conduct plaintiff investigations.  Injury claims and safety violations. We also conduct investigations of employment discrimination, hostile workplace and sexual harassment complaints. The type of investigation will be based upon your needs.  In essence, a parallel investigation is conducted by the Southwest Group. As a independent investigation, we will work to uncover facts and information separate to any other investigation.

As an attorney, you may have received a copy of an criminal or civil investigation that was conducted on behalf of your client or against your client.  You want to validate the investigation results before making any decision.  As an attorney or a private individual, you may want to take advantage of the Forensic Case Review offered by the Southwest Group. Learn the advantages of a Forensic Case review by clicking on the link.

The earlier Southwest Group begins the investigation, the better.  Southwest Group looks for potential evidence which may have been missed or ignored by the original investigative authority.  Environments change and potential evidence could be degraded or completely lost.  Over time witnesses move on and memories fade. Witnesses may revise their testimony or statements base upon over thinking and possible outside influences such as the media and other persons.  It is possible through an independent investigation to identify new witnesses.  There could be other witnesses that were identified, but never interviewed.  Key evidence and additional facts are obtained.

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