Employee Background Investigations

Who are you going to hire?  Who is the best candidate for your position?

Who is the best candidate for your position? Background investigations will help you identify the best candidate.

Employees are one of a business’s largest investments and expenses.  Hiring good employees is the backbone of your business and you need to be able to trust them as they work with your clients, vendors and other associates.  If you are not conducting employee background investigations you are loosing out on determining the best possible candidate for your organization.

As an employer, it is your responsibility to create a workplace that is reasonably safe for your employees.  You have a responsibility to your clients and customers that they will have a pleasant and safe encounter with your employees and facility.  You also want a team of employees you can trust your business to.  Failing to conduct a background investigation of a new hire can leave you liable for negligent hiring, criminal exposure, civil liability exposure and even Federal Civil Rights violations.  Lets say you hire a subject to work outside sales.  The subject has an excellent resume.  The subject presents themselves appropriately.  The person appears to be an excellent fit for your position based upon your interview ans the subjects resume.    That person is out in the field meeting with clients at their place of work or even at their residence.   One of your customers has their place of business burglarized.  Worst yet, your customer is sexually assaulted by your employee.  You later find out the person you hired is a convicted sex offender or convicted burglar.  What is your excuse going to be when the victim sues you and your business?

Background investigations will help you make an informed decision during the hiring process.  The Southwest Group will check for criminal and civil history and the National and local sex offenders’ registry.  We can also verify employment and education.

Do not leave your organization exposed to unnecessary liability.  Call the Southwest Group today to discuss your needs at 888-537-2079.