Criminal Investigations

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The Southwest Group provides criminal investigations for attorneys, businesses and private clients.  The investigative services provided can be offensive or defensive.

Offensive investigations are where the client is the victim of a crime.  Often the client or client’s attorney will want an independent investigation that looks at all aspect of the situation.  The client maybe the victim of internal theft or embezzlement.  There may be allegations of harassment or discrimination.  Theft of intellectual property. Possible violations of regulatory agency policy and procedures.  The investigators of Southwest Group will be able to assist you with an aggressive investigation to determine all information and facts.

Defensive investigations are where the client or the client’s attorney wants a review of a law enforcement or civil authority investigation.  The Southwest Group will conduct an independent and through  investigation to identify, and verify facts, witnesses, and evidence.  The

Putting the pieces together

Putting the pieces together

Southwest Group will also look for witnesses of the incident or events.  We will obtain statements of persons independent of the law enforcement or civil agency.  Part of the defense investigation strategy may be to conduct a Forensic Review of the law enforcement or civil agency case.  The Southwest Group will review and analyse the reports.  We will also look at the persons conducting the investigation and review their skills, training and experience.  The Southwest Group has access to certified subject matter experts to assist with the review.

The Southwest Group is pround to announce it has been selected as a provider for criminal investigation services to the Maricopa County Office of Public Defender Services.  The southwest Group works closely with assigned attorneys and with Pro Per clients to provide the best quality of information and facts.  For services within Maricopa County contact the Maricopa County Office of Public Defender Services and request the Southwest Group.  If you are a Pro Per defendant in a case, you may also request the Court for the Southwest Group.