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  • Workplace Violence – Part 3 Active and Preemptive Intervention

    Every organization should have open communication within the corporate structure.  This can be as simple as an open door policy (one that is stressed and communicated to all employees) to an anonymous hotline.  Human Resources or the hiring manager can also be a point of contact. All levels of management and supervision have to be… Read More

    Workplace Violence – Part 3 Active and Preemptive Intervention

    2017 is behind us now. We are all looking forward to a better, more profitable year in 2018. Most small to medium business are looking forward to 2018. But, will it really be more profitable? Will sales increase and profits remain flat or even decline? As the business owner or chief executive you should make a… Read More

  • Workplace Violence – Part Two

    In the first segment, it was discussed the importance defining and identifying workplace violence and related behavior.  In this segment we will discuss the foundation to prevention of incidents and response to incidents. The first thing an organization must do is implement a policy on workplace violence.  The policy must define actions and activity that… Read More

    Workplace Violence – Part Two
  • Workplace Violence – Part One

    Over the past few years there have been numerous high profile incidents of workplace violence.  They have gone from a level of an extension of domestic violence between spouses or partners, to large scale incidents at schools, malls and even churches.  Anyone can analyze an event when they have time and can focus on an… Read More

    Workplace Violence – Part One